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Collective / individual dwellings

Nurseries, kindergartens, schools;

Sanitary units with continuous hospitalization services;

Health units with day hospitalization services, health centers

Units with low production capacity (car service, laundries, etc.) shopping and service centers, discos, night clubs;

Situations specific to households (microfarms)

Livestock farms (birds, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, etc.)

Veterinary hospitals, slaughterhouses, slaughter centers, livestock fairs, animal waste storage platforms

Deposits for products of plant origin (grain silos, seed treatment plants)

Preparation stations for asphalt / concrete mixes, fuel depots, scrap iron / coal, wood cutting workshops, cemeteries, etc.,

Wind and solar (photovoltaic) farms 

Wastewater treatment plants (domestic or industrial), sludge basins or drying beds

Oil product warehouses and fuel distribution stations

Industrial activities – extractive industry (oil, mineral aggregate / stone/ limestone/ salt quarries etc.), processing (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.), construction and infrastructure, energy, etc.

Storage tanks or transfer ramps for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, incinerators