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Our Mission

What is our mission?

We protect and promote human health through consulting in environmental medicine and nutrition.


We develop studies to evaluate the impact on health, contributing to improving the health of the local population and protecting environmental factors, as its determinants.

Health impact assessment (HIA) is a practical support for decision makers in the public or private sector, regarding the effect that the risk factors / potential risk factors characteristic of the different investment objectives can have on the population health in the neighboring area. Based on these assessments, the decision-making forums (PHA, EPA, territorial administrative authorities, etc.) can make the optimal decisions to increase the positive effects on the health status of the population and to develop strategies to improve the negative ones.

Under current legislation, the HIA is a mandatory part of the health and environmental authorization procedures for certain investment objectives. Thus, by performing the HIA, the client will be able to obtain the necessary construction / operation authorization. Also, the client will know the measures we propose in order to comply with the health legislation, being assured that he will adopt the most efficient measures from the economic and technical point of view.

The HIA is performed:

  • for the projects subject to the environmental impact assessment procedure, for the activities under the industrial emissions legislation, within the procedure of issuing the integrated environmental authorization, for various units provided in the legislation regarding the hygiene and public health rules regarding the living environment of the population (farms, slaughterhouses, grain depots, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, incinerators, fuel depots, wind farms, etc.),
  • and for objectives and / or activities that are not subject of the environmental protection legislation, if they are considered to pose risks to the health of the population, as well as for the units with low capacity for production, commercial and services, discos, night clubs, and so on or some situations specific to households.